NOTE: When making a submission, confessors must comply with the rules stated below.

Due to the recent changes in Facebook’s community standards, we have reinforced our rules to ensure a safer community in our confession page as well as reducing the risk of the page being removed.

1. All confessions are to be taken with good humour; we are all here for a good time.
2. All submissions are subjected to moderation; repeated posts will not be approved.
3. Be kind and courteous in your submitted confession otherwise it will not be posted.
4. Bullying or harassment is strictly not allowed as part of a ‘confession’; this is not a kind and courteous move (stated in No 3.)
5. For advertisement purposes, post it on visitor posts section.
6. Instead of just reporting posts, kindly direct message us and we will take it down for you.
7. Kindly censor names with xxx/***’s leaving the first initials.
8. Meme submissions are encouraged in our platform if they comply with the Community Standards. To post more memes you may join our dank meme stash group, click here:
9. MUMCP admins will not be responsible for every confession posted but will put to a stop if a specific topic was mentioned too many times.
10. MUMCP is not affiliated with and not an official representation of Monash University and Monash University Malaysia.
11. Personal information provided in confession posts are assumed to be approved by the confessors and the admins will not be responsible for it.

**We are complying our content with the Community Standards. To know more information on what can not be posted, click here:
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